Soda to go is created from the need to reconstruct memories of my childhood taking an iconic product of México in the nineties, which is a soda in a plastic bag, sold in this way to avoid the cost of recyclable glass bottle, before the arrival of PET in the drink industry.

The soda in the bag is a nostalgic trigger of my childhood, so I decided to increase the connection with the childhood memory by making craft scenarios in a playful way from foamie and colored papers inspired by the windbreaker jackets that were used at that time.

Also the frame of textures, colors and forms that accompanies the image is an approach to the way in which some products were present on magazines in the nineties.

Soda to go aims to generate a critical reflection on the drink industry, in relation to the environmental and health damages that the production and consumption of this product has, these problems include: water contamination and exploitation, plastic waste and diseases caused by these such as diabetes and obesity.

Ironically, the character of the product makes a nod to the marketing used by this industry where advertising always is visually pleasing although it always hides the negative impact.