What Factors Can Cause Heel Pain?

What factors can cause heel pain? Heel pain can be caused by many factors, including stress, injuries, and Tarsal tunnel syndrome. If you want to find the best heel pain treatment, read on! You’ll learn how to relieve pain, get a more active lifestyle, and find relief from your discomfort. In some cases, heel pain may even result from a more severe condition. Learn the causes of heel pain to get the best treatment possible.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

If conservative treatments fail to reduce your heel pain, your doctor may recommend surgery to release pressure on the nerve. Surgery is typically reserved for patients who have not responded to conservative treatments. Experts found that certain characteristics of patients who undergo surgery are also associated with positive outcomes. Patients should have a short history of symptoms and no previous ankle pathology. In addition, they should have been diagnosed early in their condition.


The onset of heel bursitis is often gradual, and it can develop from wearing tight shoes or hiking up hills. Because the symptoms usually do not become acute or life-threatening, bursitis is often misdiagnosed as a different problem. You might notice that your foot feels stiff and achy after putting your shoes away. In addition to dull pain, you may also notice a crackling noise when flexing your foot. In either case, it’s essential to see your physician.


Heel pain is a common complaint that can keep you from doing your daily activities, including walking, working, or exercising. While you may think that it’s an isolated incident, heel pain can affect your entire lifestyle and lead you to lead a sedentary lifestyle that may lead to weight gain and depression. Although stress isn’t the main cause of heel pain, it can contribute to this problem. Stress can also affect your feet and lower leg and may lead to fractured bones or skin rashes.

Haglund’s deformity

If you have a prominent heel bone, you may have Haglund’s deformity. This condition can lead to bursitis or inflammation of a bursa that allows the Achilles tendon to slide smoothly against the heel bone. If this bursa becomes inflamed, it can cause pain and redness. People with Haglund’s deformity often experience pain in the heel area.

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